Provisioning of Dedicated Cloud Orchestrator Instance

Hi Team,
I am working with TCS and working as a solution architect on an RPA initiative for a reputed client. we are in a very early stage and in process of defining infrastructure requirements. Hence we have procured cloud orchestrated Developer license and robot license and received orchestrator Url (
I need your help in provisioning cloud orchestrator environment for Dev, QA and production environments to segregate the Processes, packages, work queues, assets, logs etc.
Could you please guide here and let me know if need more information.

Satish Agrawal


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You can refer

Where you can see the requirements for installing the Orchestator,robots etc.,

Hope this may help you


You can use folders for this:

Each folder can have its own queues, processes, packages, users, assets, everything.

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Thank you Srini, however doesn’t talk about segregation of environment. do we have a different Url for Dev cloud instance?

Thanks TOBi!
Is folder recommended from UiPath to segregate between environment? pls elaborate on the folder structuring and how will it help in segregatring work queues, audit logs, processes, packages etc.

Yes because other solutions like several tenants are way more expensive. You’d need to licence the extra tenants as well.

Read the documentation, everything is in there.

I also recommend doing the courses on the uipath academy, especially if you want to call yourself an RPA/UiPath solution architect.

Thank you so much, TOBi!

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