Provisioning button from Robots does not appear

When i go to robots page on Orchestrator, the button “Provisioning” does not appear, and the button “+” to add a new robot is disabled. What i can do?!

Did you install the Orchestrator from the release?

Last time i have made an installation with it i had the same issue.

If you go to license settings,Non production robots (previously) should be appearing to 0
Since it was a throw-able installation we did not push it further.

The two free robots which were present not available anymore as it was on the previous versions.

@product, Is this intended? Should you now get in contact with Sales team to obtain testing license with non-production robots?


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How to obtain this testing license?

@Florent_Salendres yes, it is intended. You receive two non production robots only in CE Orchestrator hosted on For your local installation you need to contact our sales department to provide you a trial code


I can create robots in default tenant. Then I have created, second tenant named XYZ but I am unable to add robots as Add button is disabled for second tenant. I deleted all robots from Default tenant but still it does not allow me to create a single robot in second tenant. We have licensed version of orchestrator. I can see Registered, “Licensed until: 24/06/2018” in Settings-> License for Default tenant but it shows unregistered in XYZ tenant. May I know why this is so? I am getting license upload button in XYZ tenant. So if I upload it then will this problem gets resolved? Where I can get license file? Can I extract it from default tenant account?

Can you please help me out in this?

Hello @andraciorici , I’m facing the similar issue. However orchestrator version is : Orchestrator 2018.2.3
Do you have any idea what should I do to get robots displayed in my orchestrator ?

Continuing the discussion from Provisioning button from Robots does not appear:

Hello @Sangeeta,
To provision your robot in Orchestrator 2018.2.3, you have to follow these steps:

  1. In Orchestrator, on the Robots page, click Add . The options to add a Standard Robot or a Floating Robot are displayed.
  2. Click the Standard Robot button. The Create a New Standard Robot window is displayed.
  3. Enter the Machine Name, Name, UserName/Password, Robot Type. Click on Create
  4. Now go to your system tray, click the UiPath Robot icon. The UiPath Robot tray is displayed.
  5. Click the Options button and then select Settings . The UiPath Robot Settings window is displayed.
  6. Machine Name will be there enter Orchestrator URL field, enter Orchestrator’s address,
    such as
  7. For Machine Key visit Orchestrator and go to MACHINES tab and click on view under the ‘+’ button. (Circled in black)

This will give you Machine Key.

Hope this will work. :slight_smile:


Can you please elaborate that, What is Standard and Floating robot?

@ KasainThanks , this was really helpful :slight_smile:

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