Protect Logs in Orchestrator

Hi together,

currently I am trying to hide several Log Messages in Orchestrator for a specific role.
Is there a way to adjust the rights of viewing Logs for different roles and robots?

For example: I want to hide the Logs from the Robot “TestRobot” for users with the role “Extern”.


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Hi @em17

Buddy, yes you can adjust the rights to view the logs for each role.

–Go to orchestrator
–Click you name icon at top right corner
–under which select users
–go to roles tab and choose the one you want to and click edit
–there you can see like below image and you can enable or disable the required rights

Hope this would help you



were you able to hide now buddy @em17

Yes that works thank you!

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Fantastic buddy
Cheers @em17
Kindly make a solution that would help others as well

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