Protecd excel with pwd

how to write value to protected excel with Excel application scope.readOnly.xlsx (14.5 KB)
the pwd is “123”

when i input the pwd in password property,the written charts can’t be saved

can anyone help me?

Hi @chen,

you can refer

Excel (163.9 KB)


can you tell me what the password represents?①or②or both

Hey @chen

Hey can look into the attached sample, its working fine, did not faced any issues with that. - Excel Password Sample.xaml (5.5 KB)
Excel Password (11.8 KB)

One more point wanna mention why you are using a custom activity to save your workbook.
From latest Excel Package Update you will get an option of autosave in Excel Application scope Properties.(and i can see in your screenshot, u are using that ). :slight_smile:


readOnly4.xlsx (8.5 KB)
IS it impossible to use execute macro in excel application scope?
it’s important foe me ,looking forward to your reply

It is possible. Check out exists threads on forum. There are plenty of topics are available with such information.


can you give me a sample with the excel(readOnly4.xlsx) above,pwd is 123

and write something in cell.i can’t write anything in it with excel application scope.
looking forward to your reply.

That file should be macro enabled to execute a macro inside that. the extension of the file will be .xlsm @chen (16.2 KB)
promt that you should input password like this:

could anyone help’s very important.