Property Valuation Process - Automation Project Design and Implementation complexities

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I am trying to automate a drop down item selection process which involves capturing data from a client’s LAS ( loan application system) - separated in different fields, for example:

Block: A

Floor: 1

Flat: A

and then select the correct items from various drop down options on HSBC and Hang Seng Bank’s Property valuation Page.

I have following queries related to the process:

  1. There are numerous entries in the drop down selection for every field on every website and the format of these entries

a) across different websites is not consistent with the parameter I capture from the loan application system

For example:

If I capture data for Block from the Loan application system: “A”

On the HSBC website it could be present as “Block/ Tower A”

On the Hang Seng Bank Website it could be present as “Ascot Mansion Block A”

This applies to every parameter I have to capture from the LAS and select the correct item from the drop down list on every website for the captured data.

How should I automate this process using UiPath?

How to and What code should I write to make the correct selection on every website from the drop down menu for every field?

Do I have to retrieve all the items in the drop down list on every website and then compare the data I capture from LAS to it to make a proper selection? If yes, what will the argument be? Please, can you provide me with an example or demonstrate it to me?

b) If there’s no match on any website for the data I captured what would be the correct approach to continue the process without interruption and moving on to the next website?

How can I notify the user if an item cannot be matched/ selected from the drop down list for the parameter captured?

Do I have to implement this entire process in one try catch block or multiple try catch blocks for every website?

Below are the links to the websites that I will be performing automation on:

I would highly appreciate your guidance on this project.


Approach a RPA vendor, you will get a solution…:wink:

@skini76, as long as you cover the expenses :stuck_out_tongue:

Please advise!

I would humbly request you not to create multiple topics for same query.

It will help us in maintaining well.

Thanks for understanding, appreciate your cooperation.


@Tom1989 you are asking some one to guide you to develop the entire solution (free of cost). I don’t think any body will reply. So based on your experience in RPA, you start the development, whenever you come across some issues or whenever you are stuck, post specific issues and people might reply for that with solution. But expecting people to help you to develop entire solution is not right.