Properties tab glitches out when trying to edit

Hello everyone,

I’m pretty new to Uipath, I was getting along pretty well with the studio until I came across this error. I’ve scoured the depths of the internet but I haven’t found anything related to this.

I was editing a flow decision when I accidentally popped the properties tab out of its place, I played around with its location for a bit then put it back.

Afterwards whenever I try to edit a property the tab just glitches and wont let me do anything.

I’ve already reset the settings and restarted the studio. Does anyone know what to do here? I’m pretty stuck on this right now.

I cant edit any property on any project but I can run them. I’m guessing I just messed up some sort of configuration but I’m too daft to figure it out.

I took a quick video of the error and uploaded it to Vimeo so that you can get a better idea of whats happening. Any help with this would be great.

Quick video of error on Vimeo

If this is the wrong place for this type of post, please let me know.


  • Nick