Properties not found by 'Properties hid"den or botom

Why can’t I find the properties of this “for each”(source: UiPath course)

I can only see an empty filed, when I use the properties (hidden) with “enter a VB expression”
Like to add TYPE, I can only do this in Data Manager, but ther I cant see if I’m actual add type to this 'For each" object.

hi @Leon_Romans_van_Schaik

what properties are you specifically looking for?

In the course "builld your first process"after adding for each you have to set the type.
But the properties stay almost empty without the option to set the type

In your screenshot I can see that there’s a TypeArgument present on the right hand side.

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Yes that is the screenshot from the course i can only see:

It should be able to convert automatically without the need of setting the property, is it giving any error to you?

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You can follow this thread and solve your problem, looks the same one to me:

For Each: Unable to cast object of type “System. Char” to type “System.Net.Mail.MailMessage” - Help / Studio - UiPath Community Forum

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Sorry new to UiPath, found my fault,

I choose
needed to get the “parallel for each” instead… :slight_smile:

thank you for reacting so quick to my error

No problem,

Happy to help in anyway possible :smiley:

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