Prompting for credintials while running a Query inside Excel


I have a project that includes reading data from a database and currently, the credentials are saved inside the sheet itself which is not the right way to do it but it is fine as I am the only one testing it.

the project is now ready and I need to give it to my team where each one will need to use his credentials and I am asking if there is a way to prompt for query password inside excel before it attempts to run the query!


Hi @firas

You could use the “Input Dialog” Activity and set the Input Parameter “IsPassword” as True. (And "Misc → Private to True as well)

As the Result/Output of the activity, define your Password-Variable, but make sure to change the Variable type to “SecureString” in the Variables Panel afterwards.

Alternatively, you could fetch the Password i.e. from Windows Credential Manager, but it requires more setup (for your case, with different people supposedly using the Automation).

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There are many way to provide input like credentials before even executing

Let’s go one by one
These are very simple steps and one time step

  1. Using Input arguments

If your developer are using robot assistant
They can pass the credentials of their user id before triggering the bot
Have a view on this on how to do it in UiPath

Go to start → search as UiPath assistant and there need to perform this configuration
also ensure that you have created IN type argument in your mail xaml named in_credential of type string and that process should be published to orchestrator
** once after publishing to orchestrator, go to assistant and right click that process or click on three dots and select install, this will install the new version which has you in type argument**

To that argument u can pass this value before executing

  1. If you are running the process from orchestrator you can do the same by passing arguments
    Make sure you have the in type argument in main xaml and this is how you do

  1. Now if you want to provide after triggering and during the execution then u can use INPUT DIALOG box activity
    Have a view on for how to use it

Hope this helps

Cheers @firas

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Multiple ways

  1. Use input dialog box and get the credentials
  2. Save the credentials in assets using value per bot and depending on user the credentials are picked
  3. Ask each user to save their credentials in excel and get the data as each user uses his own excel the credentials will be different


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Thank you @Roman-Routinuum , @Palaniyappan and @Anil_G

I will review those great suggestion and see which one will better work on my project

I really appreciate your prompt assistance!


Once if it’s clarified
Would recommend to close this topic

Still open for discussions

Cheers @firas


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