We are creating a bot to automate pdf downloading and printing from an excel sheet.

Description :

In an excel sheet, there will be 2 columns. Column A is hyperlink and Column B is Name. We have to click on the hyperlink and from browser we have to download. While saving the download we should name it like Column B.

For this we tried,

  1. Datatable - but that gave only normal text, hyperlink is lost

  2. Read cell - Looping becomes trouble

  3. BalaReva’s

    Extract Hyperlink activity - We used it, no error identified but while displaying with a message box we got “String”.
    Here we need your guidance (Reading hyperlink from a column and opening ). Any suggestions/ideas could be more helpful.

Your result variable type is an array of strings - you are just logging the array.

Use a for each to loop through and log each one or use result(0).Tostring in your message box to get the first item.