Project won't run when starting from Orchestrator

License type(Free, Trial/License code): Free

Studio/Robot version: 2019.6.0

Hello, I am having trouble running my project through Orchestrator. My project works fine in UiPath Studio, but it stops working when I publish it and try to run it through Orchestrator. I start the job, and the Robot application opens on my computer. I can see that the process is running, but nothing is actually happening. I have been racking my brain, making sure I didn’t mess up in my Main.xaml or mess something up in the project.json file, but I’m totally stuck. Any ideas?


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Could you please check logs and check exact error.

@rhelgas Make sure all the files of the Job are together at same location.
You can also try to change the location of the files, and publish the job again.

Hello experts.using community edition…
I have published a simple messages box project into orchestrator. When I’m trying to run, it shows command sent. But didn’t running.
Uipath robot is connected well.
Please can anyone explain the issue ?