Project won't open anymore after upgrade to 2010.10

I have updated the version from 2020.4.3 to 2020.10. I occurred a problem that the project will not open anymore. I tried to open .json file and then .xaml as well, both with no results. The only way to make my projects work with new version was using the UiPath Assistant with .nupkg files, but that only to run, leaving me with no option to develop them on new version.
To be honest as the updated installed automatically during a restart of UiPath it took me a while to figure that the version has changed. Is there any way to make the old project compatible with the 2020.10 version, as it does contain a dozen of functions.
If not I would suggest to introduce an option with plain code along with / instead of graphical block structure. Cause that’s the feature I’m missing the most here. Otherwise I might end-up doing next projects in Visual Studio.

Hi @Mateusz,
I moved your case to separate topic to investigate this :slight_smile:. I will contact with you on PM.

Please try this: Fix to the issue of opening projects / creating new projects / missing Studio settings

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