Project with Added Package: Will the package exist if project is used in a computer without that package?


I am new to Uipath and wants to know more about how added package work in a saved project/process.

  1. If I install say Uipath.WordActivities pack into Process 1, save Process1.
  2. Email Process 1 to an intranet computer that doesn’t have Uipath.WordActivities pack saved into its local folder.
  3. When I open Process 1, will Uipath.WordActivities pack exist?

In short, when I install a package into a Process and save the Process, is the package there permanently regardless of which computer I use the Process in?

Thank you

Hi @Anonymous2,

I am fairly sure the packages will stay with the process, but may need updating if the other computer has not run the process before.

Generally, when you add a package you can see that package list in project.json.

When the project is loaded in any computer, the packages that are loaded in the project.json will be compiled first and load the packages. If it doesnt exist in the project.json when you add in the second computer > you need to go Manage packages > install the activity again.

you can verify the same by checking your project.json. hope this helps… cheers :v:


Thank you for the reply. I am still confused.

If in the 2nd computer, I NEVER installed the package before, it will not be in project json.

So I will likely have to install the package in the 2nd computer too, even if I the project was installed with the package in the 1st computer?

Thank you


Can anyone help me with my query?

Thank you

What do you mean by - you never installed the package before?

if you are going to run the package from your second computer in the attended mode, when you open the file the dependencies (which is given in project.json) will be loaded automatically. If its not mentioned in the project.json of your process1, you will have to manually add through manage packages and select the word activities.

I am not sure what do you mean by installing a package! if you mean that its opening a process or xaml in studio the one which i mentioned above will work. if you are talking about running in unattended mode at your second computer > the nuget package will install its dependencies automatically when you run the project from tray.