Project update in Robot tray taking more time

Hi Team

After published my project from studio, I am trying to update my project version in Robot tray.
But for updating that project its taking more time around 4-5 Min.
And Each time the bot installing the package when am trigger the project.

If any one know the solution please share here.
Thanks in Advance


Welcome to the uipath community.

Go to services.msc page and restart robot service and check once. Is this Robot connected to Orchestrator ?

Welcome to uipath community
Usually once if a project is published with a package and is updated later we would have published the same from studio
—once after that we need to update that in orchestrator along Package tab inside the Process Tab
—and if that is done immediately it will get reflected in the robot tray
—if not connected to orchestrator it will directly get updated in robot tray with studio feed
So I hope this mean time is what about that 4-5 mins else it won’t take much time

Cheers @Hemanth96

Hi @lakshman & @Palaniyappan,
As @Hemanth96 facing problem in local machine, the bot was not connected to Orchestrator.

he’s facing problem while running the bot via UiPath Robot.
Already publish the bot in local and try to run the bot using UiPath Robot, Each and every time it’ll download/install the package while running.
For Example,

Please try to figure out the problem, it’ll very useful to fix.

Thanks in advance.

Poovarasan Gunasekaran