Project Run Duration Time

Hi Forum UI,
Iam like 2 hours into Uipath so i searched in the forum but not found what i looked for.
my goal is to use UiPath to count duration time of tasks on different server. (like a really simple benchmark)
so i build a simple task (similar to the tutorial video) to try around and download a file from a website.
then after the run i want to show a popup (or write into a .txt file) the duration of the run so i can compare it later)
i found the value (see attached .png) but i find no way to get that into my UI path as last step…
so i hope there is somebody how can give me a hint.
thx from germany,

i forgot the picture (noob fail :wink: )

@timon.linke you can get the Total run time of process in the log as well as in Orchestrator log => TotalExecutionTimeInSeconds

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Hi Aprit,
thanks a lot for your fast response - but i not have yet connected my local UI to Orchestrator - i just looked into orchestra and i dont know if i want / need to use that because the servers are NOT in the same Intranet… so is there a way to read the local log ?

thanks, Timon

@timon.linke Yes you can get the same details from your local Execution log file
Or navigate to Debug Tab => Open Logs => 2020-07-14_Execution.log


will give you the Log file path there you can find the Log details.