Project portability?

Hi, I wanted to pass the project to another orchestrator and it breaks all the variables, since the process could not find it, is there any way that this does not happen?
If for a few tables it can be fixed but if the project is very large and it goes from development to production, the project has to be assembled what is broken and many times it is not known which variable was in each place

Hi @jam007,
It depends how project is being made. Can you show an example of such project which is not working when it’s deployed on other Orchestrator?

I can not show the project itself but I will mention,
If we say you have an Abc process that is consulting a database, I passed it to another computer, but it does not have the same orchestrator, let’s say that the 123 orchestrator and I want to pass it to 456, the message appears that the abc process does not work, I have I have to add the process again because as it is in the new orchestrator, but since it was pointing to the 123 orchestrator, it breaks the database connections and loses the variables, such as codes, names, etc.
and one has to reconnect it and sometimes you don’t see the database query values and one can’t add it

Ok I see what you mean. But to be hones it’s something very hard to implement. You need to realize that from the Orchestrator perspective everything what is under is considered as a Environment. So basically moving a project from the one orchestrator to the another one means like moving a project from one environment to the another. Every environment have it’s own specific data which are unique for it. That’s why can tell that project is portable but not across the environment. It will work for every environment if your project will have all dependent data inside. By this I mean the all variables, arguments and so on.