Project Organization

Hi All,

I am following the video “Project Organization”.However, I am finding it hard to recreate this. if possible, could somebody kindly provide the package.

Much appreciated.



Hi johnny87
I m also developing the project from scratch.n looking for the documents needed.
if you have such kind of documents .could u please share me those one.

13. Project organization.pdf (413.8 KB)

Hi @niteshbutola5,
I Hope the attached document helps you for developing the project from the scratch.


Hi sriramvarma
thanks for the support.
but I need more detailed descripted documents to start the project from scretch .
as its first time that I m going to start the if there is any site ,docs or any other resources u can refer from where I can get good knowledge that will be very beneficial for me.

thanks again for ur support


In that case this might help you.

REFramework documentation.pdf (507.8 KB)

thanks sriram.:grinning:

Please let me know if it works and mark the solution :slight_smile:

yes.thats quite helpful sriram

thanks again

Great, make sure to mark the solution:grinning:

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Hope useful

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ya its very helpful