Project opens up as completly blank after hours of work!

Ive been working on my project for weeks and it has been working great. I went to go open it today to work on it (last night it was working perfectly) and the project is completly blank as if im starting from new. I don’t have a backup. Why would everything just disapear? Im at a total loss, please tell me there is an explenation for this.

2019.8.0 - 8/29/2019
Community Edition
EXE Installer

License Provider: Internal
Device ID: h3X8V73an3i0EzyY6s+Kgw==

Update Channel: Stable

Microsoft Windows 10 Enterprise 64-bit
.NET Framework Version 4.7.2 or later


Welcome to the uipath community.

It seems like your Uipath Studio got updated.

Go to Manage Packages and update required packages and then check once.

Thanks for your response. I have updated a my porject dependencies and nothing has changed. Im starting to panick a little bit. Is there a way to get my work back?

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Kindly check once with antivirus is it blocking the application
Deactivate it and try once please
cheers @mmimadi


Ive completly disabled windows defender and no luck. These are the packages I have upated. It looks like it remembes absolutley nothing from my project before the update. variables, nothing. My other basic test project is loading just fine.

Only possible explanation is that your computer must have shutdown unexpectedly. You may be able to find the file in the temp folder. Do %temp% in CMD and search for the file.

My computer did not shut down randomly. How do I stop this from happening again? All my work is just gone!

Did you open NewActivity.xaml ?

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@mmimadi Could you please try this approach, its better to spend a few minutes searching for the file in Temp folder. As to why/how the workflow got cleared, I have no idea as I haven’t faced any similar issues.
Note: The name of the file won’t be the same, so you’d have to search for the extension i.e. *.xaml

no i did new and created a new project within the program

nothing there ugh!

@mmimadi As @carmen mentioned, it looks like the window was simply closed. Did you try double-clicking on NewActivity.xaml in the “Projects” section to open the file?

oh my god you are a saint!!! it worked!!! thank you so much!

When i click save as to create a backup, it doesnt remember the elements it needs to select to run its task. Do i need to copy the engtire project folder?

@mmimadi I think the selectors are remembered, only the “reference image” is missing. Click on the Activity and examine “Selector” under “Target” in “Properties”. You should see the selector still there.

The image you see is ONLY a reference and has NO bearing on how the robot operates.

That being said, you should backup the entire folder if you’d like a smooth recovery. UI Studio has built in Git functionality that can tie into free, remote git servers - which would effectively act as not only version control, but, remote backup as well. This can be found under the “Team” section of the “Start” tab.

thank you so much! You and everyone else where really really helpful. Glad there is such an awesome community to back this up.

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