Project on the latest version of the client security hash

I Want to client security Hash project

Can I get a project on the latest version of the client security hash?


I can provide you with an overview of how you can create a project for the latest version of the “Client Security Hash” exercise in UiPath ReFramework

Use the ReFramework template as a starting point. In UiPath Studio, you can select “ReFramework” when creating a new project. The ReFramework is a recommended template for handling processes that involve transactional data like the Client Security Hash exercise.

In the Config.xlsx file define the required settings, such as Orchestrator asset names, queue names, and credentials. This is where you specify the specific details for this exercise.

Create workflows for the different stages of the process, such as Init, GetTransactionData, Process, and End. These workflows will be called at different stages of processing transactions.
In the GetTransactionData and Process workflows, you’ll define the logic for retrieving and processing transactions. For the Client Security Hash exercise, this typically involves working with data in queues.


No @Abdul_Kalam_Khan

You have this project files as sample (2.5 MB)


Thank you so much sir your project to very helpfull

Can you please provide me with the generated early project report?