Project not working as expected when run from Orchestrator in background mode under RDP connection

We are using Epic Software (Healthcare) in our project. This software doesn’t respond well to get text, screen scraping, activities. So we had to use computer vision for achieving the same effect. The project runs fine in foreground mode (open RDP > Studio> Run) . But when run from orchestrator it gets the wrong column (instead of “id” column it picks the next adjacent column “Name”). This happens only when we run it from background (from orchestrator)
We had changed the resolution settings in orchestrator and matched it to the same as vdi also the colour depth is matched as 32 bit.

Any ideas why still it doesn’t work?
Any suggestions would be appreciated!


It might be that the display is different in a subtle way and the ComputerVision server incorrectly detects another column when run from Orchestrator.
Is it possible to share the ComputerVision Logs from the machine that is failing (found in Users\current_user\AppData\Local\UiPath\ComputerVisionLogs)?
I would like to ask you to take a screenshot when the project is run from Orchestrator exactly before detecting the wrong column to try to improve our model in the future. A screenshot from the design time / normal run of the same screen would also help.
In the meantime would it be possible to address the columns by header name instead of index?

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