Project not showing in "Open recent"

What to do so my project is showing in “Open recent”?
This means I have to browse for it every time :frowning:

Have several projects (latest 10) in my list, but my newest is not showing up.
Why? Should not the oldest disappear and the newest show up?
Only got one of them pinned.

Anyone know the trick?

*(Edit: Typo)*

In Ui Path Studio you mean? It should show up .
Can you provide a screenshot if possible

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My project is working fine. It seems it has no .json-file.
I am guessing this is the issue.
Don’t know why I don’t have a .json-file, and don’t know how to fix it.
Maybe I just have to live with(out) it :green_heart:

Haha nope. It should have. Can you upload the project here.