Project not running through orchestrator

Hello experts. I’m using community edition…I have published a simple messages box project into orchestrator. When I’m trying to run, it shows command sent. But didn’t running.
Uipath robot is connected well.
Please can anyone explain?


Can you share your Orchestrator settings from UiPath Assistant?



project can run from uipath assistance, but not from orchestrator.

after failure status from JOBS. i have opened the job details,

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Your error showing as your have passing empty data that somewhere what you use of password ,
add the data into it , you may be able to run the process

I have used one input dialog box and message box in workflow. Nothing else.
Its running through uipath assistant. But not with orchestrator.

at finally i got the solution for it. that robot is connected, it was a old machine key, that is the reason it doesn’t work. i have updated new URL and MACHINE KEY. its working well now. thank you for support. this experence of mine can usefull for someone, who is going to face same issue.

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