Project is stopped and not create any log

Everyday, Uipath project is running automatically, but sometimes when [login ] activity login into the other web, [login ] activity don’t start and not create any log too. Although i used [try-catch] activity in this case.
The below is error code:

ProjectName: RemoteException wrapping System.Exception: 予期しない終了コードでジョップが停止されました:0xC0000409

Can anyone help me find the reason about this error and how to fix it?


Hi @Phuong_Bui ,

Are your running process from orchestrator and you are unable to see the logs in orchestrator. please confirm. thanks.

HI @kirankumar.mahanthi1 ,
My project is running in the uipath robot, and when i’m running in oschestrator, i never have been met this error.

Hi i have encounter this issues also , sometimes its because some variable/argument robot process actually doesnt contain anything , so it cannot process and trhow this error forcing it to stop and kill process

u have variable named = “me” , with value of “a”

you have dropdown activity with value of (a,b,c) , and you assign variable “me” with value of “a”

normally it will work and choose “A” on dropdown
but when robot cannot get value of variable “me” , meaning its null/doesnt have value

it might trhow this error

Hi @Ahmad_Rais
This error stopped when robot login into the website, although login website opened, but robot cant input ID and pass of account. I checked UI Login’s box but it don’t have any problem.
Error happend, I re-excecuted in uipath robot by hand, this error did’n happen, so
reason is [ variable/argument [robot]] or not, i dont sure about that!

i think its because value of input ID and Pass doesnt exist , try to use log activity/message box just before it entered it into the account, and see if the value is exist , and if its trhoing error if value doesnt exist

Hi @Ahmad_Rais
I tried like that in orchestrator and the value is existed, but in the robot i’m not sure the value is exist or not because i did’n receive log massage.

Upgrade the system and UIAutomation package and give a try
Go to design tab → manage packages → project dependencies-> and upgrade the activity package

Cheers @Phuong_Bui

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Hi @Palaniyappan
Thanks for your answer, but now i have more 70 uipath projects what is running everyday. If i will upgrade the activity package, repair more 70 projects and setup again environment. But finally if it cant fix. Isn’t it impossible?

If you are facing issue only with this process and if you are upgrading the package versions only for this process, it won’t impact the other process

Other process will have their own project dependencies and versions
It doesn’t rely on other project dependencies

So open this project in studio and upgrade the versions and give a try

Cheers @Phuong_Bui

Hi @Palaniyappan

Other process also met this error (cant login in the web and dont send log message). But this error sometimes happen, so i will try to upgrading the package versions in only one project and follow it.
If you have the other way, tell me, please.