Project gets undesirable output from the ORCHESTRATOR BUT WORKS FINE FROM STUDIO

Hi Team,

Summary about my project:- My project consists of getting the files from the mail attachments(Excel format) and do excel manipulation.

Now, the execution is working perfectly fine from the Studio and the output files(.csv and .xlsx) are created accurately.

Now, when I am running these files from the orchestrator, I am getting files at the location:- “C:\Users\user.nuget\packages\Project\1.0.6934.21830\lib\net45\Output” which is fine.

Note:- Here the package name is:- 1.0.6934.21830.

So When I am running the same file from the orchestrator the number of excel cells are unexpectedly large (maybe overwritten or abnormally appended).

So this the reason i am getting an inappropriate result.

Even if I delete all the folders from “Project\1.0.6934.21830\lib\net45\Output” and run the robot, the files and folders are again created with the old data and hence the final output files have undesirable output.

Now, when I publish the very same project to the orchestrator again, it gets the new package name (lets say 1234)

So the seperate folder is created in the location C:\Users\user.nuget\packages\Project*1234\lib\net45\Output is created with the correct data.*

But then again if i run this new package from the orchestrator, the result is again disturbed.

PLease help me with this issue.

Thanks and Regards,