Project files path with package

I have a flow that opens some text and excel files for processing. i created a nupkg of that and moved that to another system. where should i put those text and excel files? i have mentioned ‘project folder’ while pointing to files in the flow


Then ideally you should put them and then create a nupkg

If not…change the folders to some generic locations like c:\Folder then you can place them
In those locations

The nupkg will be loaded to %userprofile%/.nuget/packages/projectname


Hi @zeesh19791

If the file locations on the new system are different from the original system, you may need to update the file references in your project to reflect the new file paths. You can do this by opening the project in UiPath Studio, locating the activities or workflow activities that use the files, and modifying the file paths accordingly.

Once the files are in the correct location and the project references are updated, you can test the project on the new system to ensure that it can access the text and Excel files properly.

Hope it helps!!

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