Project doesn't run faster for second transaction item

Hi all,
I am completing Assignment 2 of Uipath advance training.
I am able to run successfully my Dispatcher process. When running Performer, only for first transaction item the process runs smoothly and when it has to work for next items it “slows down”. The process works(no selector issue) but not as it was working for first item.
If anyone has come across such situation, please guide me.
Thanks in advance!!


I’m not sure, but i think it has something to do with your selectors… Please use Debug Mode and let me know how it goes?

@mz3bel. I tried to debug, but haven’t found the issue. The process works but very slow. I am not able to find root cause.


It doesn’t give you any errors?

no. All that happens is process slows down and no errors. I have tried everything but haven’t found solution.

with some trust on the implementation the bot can be tuned by playing with the timeout parameters and waitforready levels. give a try on this

yes i have checked if i have added any delay, there is none.
So the issue is I am clicking on update work item like in this below image
When the process is running, the click element takes hell lot of time. And from here rest set works slowly.
Please help, I am stuck from past 2 days.

its not only about of delay (before after). We were talking about timeouts e.g. for find element or element exists activities.

If an action like a click is slowing down, we can take it as trigger to make more specific and reliable the selectors. And as mentioned above playing with the waitforready levels


I’m not sure, but i think your issue, is from your selectors… Please, do check this parts :point_down:

Let me know, how it goes :slight_smile:

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I have exactly the same problem. The second transaction completely at the beginning from dashboard slows down although the selectors should be OK.