Project cannot be published. Readfile file has validation errors

But i don’t want to merge the data i only want to read the data from the recently downloaded excel file.So that it can read the date of birth from the excel sheet and send a mail to the person on their birthday.

Excel_Download.xaml (22.0 KB)
Please find attached sample xaml where in i’m downloading excel from drive and fetching data. Hope after fetching data, your code should work…

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Thanks bro

You are hard coding the path bro , Earlier i was doing the same.

Yeah, i had for testing now have put path in variable and appending to make it dynamic

Are u saying to put folder path in a variable that is also hard coding ,this will not work on other system because to use this workflow in other system we would have to change that variable path again.

Yes Asmit, but some where the path has to be know … either we have to mandatorily make sure it’s the same across system wherever it will be used if not then it has to be put in variable.

If you are using orchestrator then put the value in assests under that,so that you can change it directly there when ever required.

So we can not make everything dynamic ?

We can but have to make lot of manipulation…

Example : let’s consider downloaded file default goes to c:/user/downloads … so c and downloads will get hardcoded and user you can make dynamic

No the path is c:/user/username/downloads…

Yes so apart from username rest all will be hardcoded because it will be same in all systems

Oh, Thanks