Project cannot be published. Readfile file has validation errors

Whenever I am trying to publish my project it’s saying the project cannot be published although I checked the workflow everything seems right.

Hi, can you post the error message?

Hi @Asmit_Anand1

You said that the workflow seems fine. If you have reinstalled Studio please make sure to have all the necessary Activity Packs installed as well. The error you are getting might be because of this.

Yes , I will

Hi, Do you have any other .xaml file in the same project folder other than main.xaml?

No, only this file.

Ok. If you have a .xaml workflow in the same folder that has validation errors then it won’t let you publish it since it publishes all files in the folder. So, if that’s the case rename the file that has errors or fix the errors in all files, then publish should work.

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Hi Asmit,
Are you facing trouble with all projects or with this project only??
Create a sample project with message box and try to publish it.

Just to double-check: have you run ‘Validate’ (Check for Errors) in ‘Execute’ tab?

In one of my .xaml file i am getting sheet does not exist exception can u suggest me the solution for this. Although that xaml file is working fine in download folders. But when i tried to run the same in different folder it is giving this sheet does not exist exception.

Thanks bro

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Hi Asmit,

Can you try giving absolute path for the sheet?

I don’t want to hard code the path. Is there is any way to set dynamic path.

Yes , there are 2things

If file is within project folder then just provide file name

Create a variable , assign value as file path and use it wherever required.

But with hard coding , is your issue resolved ? Just to make sure things are fine

Not yet, what i am doing is downloading a google sheet and want to use that sheet so that it can read the birthday date and send an email to the person on their date of birth. but after downloading it is not reading the sheet .

Downloading excel is an one time activity or workflow has to do always?

If always then I do not find open browser type activity to perform it in the workflow you shared…

I haven’t shared the workflow regarding excel download yet it’s above this workflow. I only want to read that sheet from the download folder so that it can send an email on the DOB date. It is one time activity.

Have created One flow of downloading excel from drove and merging into another… if your solution isn’t working and need this sample then let me know.

Mine is not working, can u share me your .xaml file ?