Project cannot be published. GetAppCredentials file has validation errors


I already have my robot in a framework I will like to publish but I´m seeing a mistake that said that the Project cannot be published. GetAppCredentials file has validation errors. Can some one help me?

Can you please share an screenshot of the workflow “GetAppCredentials” which is failing?

You have to work with this .xaml like this:

The default value of credentials (“InvoicingTeamsCredentials”) is the name of the Asset where I define the credentials in the Orch

I already install and now is said login file has validation errors??

That’s because you have syntax errors in your code. You don’t have to install anything. You just need the ReFrameWork activities, at least the “GetAppCredentials”…

See the image above, try to do your “GetAppCredentials” work like that. You need to put in “credentials” variable value the same value that you have put in your Asset (Orchestrator). For example, my value is “InvoicingTeamsCredentials” and in my Orchestrator I have made an Asset called “InvocingTeamsCredentials” with credential type, and there I write the username and password. When the “GetAppCredentials” run, it will read that Asset and will output the username and password that you have to store in another variables, in my case, I stored them in “teamsUsername” and “teamsPassword” as you can see in the picture.

Hope it can help you.