Program not compiled

I have a program, that runs fine as long, as I start it in the Studio. The moment I try to start it through the Orchestrator though, I get the strage error:

“Expression Activity type ‘VisualBasicValue`1’ requires compilation in order to run. Please ensure that the workflow has been compiled.”

Since this programm has a failsafe, where I am getting an email, when something fails, I also got an email, with a different error. After I solved that problem, which was caused by different users having different rights in the network where the RPA will be deployed, I still got the above mentioned error, but no email anymore. This is especially strange, since every single line is encapsulated in a try catch, so this time the error had to happen before the first line of written code.

I am using Windows compatibility

Hello @Floschi

Can find a similar post here. can you check whether you are also having similar expressions in your flow.

I looked into it and I actually had one occasion, where this was a problem. Solved it though and it still is broken, still only if I start it from the Orchestrator

Any kind of restriction to access the folder if you are executing from orchestrator??

Any access issues?

not that I could think of. I actually logged into the used user, the one the unattended Robot is using and looked, if all needed folders are accessible…

but there is one change after I fixed this problem. Im getting the error email again. The one that tells me, that the program was not able to find the specified path. Still looks like its a access issue problem, even im Orchestrator tells me, that it needs to be compiled and only the email gives me the this error