Production Vs Demo




I have a production and demo environment for ERP both the environment are different selector ,menu and color, If i develop workflow in demo will its’ work on production?

We don’t have a reliable selector.



If the selectors are different obviously that will not work.

The color doesn’t affect at all if you’re not working with images but if the selectors are different then will not work for sure :frowning:



yes I agree with @Lucas.Pimenta


Thank you, Lucas.

May I check with you for more detail? In my case, the attributes defined are limited and not reliable. Please advise alternative solution. We have tried image activities, but it failed as background color changed.




Try to replace the attributes that changes with * and check if works.



Thanks, Lucas. We have tried to add “*” in defined html title. But idx is different in two environments and varied time by time in one environment. We have tried to remove “idx” either, however, the selector does not work.


I think that the title is not the problem. The problem is really on idx attribute. If there is no way to replace them, then you’ll have to do two separate developments: 1 for production and 1 for demo :frowning:

Have you tried to replace the idx attribute with * too? What happened?


Yes, we have tried to replace the idx attribute with *, but, when confirm this change, * automatically changed to “0”.