Production and development licensing issues

When I am in the development stage, can I use the licensed studio and a community edition robot?
and in the production stage, I keep the studio and run the processes with a licensed attended robot.

Is the arrangement alright? Is there anything that I can test with the community edition?

Hope you cannot use community edition for commercial purpose, but you can request trial from Uipath for more information reach Uipath support team

@pathrudu So, in the development stage, I should have a studio and development robot license?

Yes, better confirm with @ovi

@pathrudu Is the development robot license different from the attended robot license?
Can I use an attended robot license in development?

Sorry I have no idea.

Hi Karl,

“UiPath Community Edition is free for individual developers, open source projects, academic research, education, and small professional teams.”

Then, if you install Studio and Robot on a machine and license Studio, you will be able to run the Robot locally(no connection to Orchestrator) because the Robot will “take” Studio license.

If you connect the Local Robot(this means the Robot on the machine where Studio is installed) to Orchestrator, the best way for development purposes is to provision it as Development Robot.

Yes, it is different. Please check the user guide where every Robot type is explained in terms of licensing:

Technically you can, but it is not recommended since in development you want to test your work so you need to be able to Start a Job from Orchestrator(this means to run your process from Orchestrator). With the Attended Robot you can’t.