Product Related ideas


Product feature :

  1. Activity or code to send sms by just providing the contact number - To showcase that we have that capability to send the instant notification without sending it via email’s.

Use case : Alert of any process failure in an bit effective manner to make sure that the immidiate action can be taken as per the instant response form BOT.
Can be added either in server side component if client has security concern or can be provided as activity for developer to configure.

  1. variable should only show the method they support, in assign or at any place where we are using that, should not screem post choosing the method.

  2. Get user name/system name/date system related common item should be provided as visible items to use directly, to make the development easier.

  3. Instead of user to allow to edit or write in the variable fields it will be much more effiecient if these would be dropdown to choose, as it may cause error and required fixes.