Product improvement suggestion

Looks like User Voice → Idea category has been taken off.


What’s the best way to provide Product Improvement suggestions?

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Hi @KapilKathuria

I am not sure if I understand. Does this link work for you?


yes, this link works for me but I can’t click on ‘New Topic’ button.

unfortunately slack is blocked in my company and i guess in most of enterprises.

This is due to the Trust Levels :slight_smile:

The User Voice category is available for anyone who reached Member.
It is not at all hard, all you need to do is hang around the forum and contribute :slight_smile:

understood but i think not a good idea. Enterprise users may not have time to hang around and reach required level. I suggest this policy should be reviewed if UiPath likes to receive suggestions from enterprises.

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Thank you for your feedback. Could you try again now? :slight_smile:


it works. thank you for help and swift action!!

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