Good Morning ! Guys, I need some help.
I’m developing a flow to identify if the products match the order number, but I can’t do the data table lookup directly inside the one for each data table.
Structure > Read Range > Input Dialog > Filter Data Table > For Each Row in Data Table/Lookup Data Table

Main.xaml (13.0 KB)

Hi @Luan ,

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Can you please explain a more bit of the required solution. May be with a example .


OK, idea > excel database where there are thousands of order numbers, I will check that the invoices match the order number, Flow > extract the specific order number with the information, order, danfe key, and invoice number. >
now where I stopped flow for lack of knowledge, which is to put the danfe key number to get the return if the danfe key matches the order number. I’m trying to do for each datatable and data lookup datatable.