Product Download Assistance?


I do consulting work for a very large (global) firm.

They are interested in RPA and Friday requested a Monday AM briefing regarding potential products.

I’d really like to be able to show them UiPath, but nobody is responding to Trial Requests (from Friday afternoon). Is there any way to download the product or reach a live salesperson before Monday?

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Did you try this?

@badita @Lavinia @Vikas.Jain

Thank you, yes. I signed up for a Trial on Friday (GMT -8), which was outside of regular hours for the company I believe. Facebook support directed me to Community Edition, but that is also a marketing request form so no response there either.

However, I did receive excellent support from this forum and was contacted by a representative who has provided the assistance I needed.

Thank you.

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The mails probably landed in spam. Anyway, it’s solved now.