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Can someone please help me on creating a workflow that exports the model specification from this link to excel? I tried using the data scraping tool but it came out nothing and also the get text. Due to some confidential issue, I am not allow to share my workflow here. It will be extremely grateful if anyone of you can help me with this. Thank you in advance!

I have a list of car make and models to extract each of their specifications (variant, year built, model year, vehicle category, engine capacity,kerb mass and test lab) to excel file.

Hi @newbie2

use get attribute for gettting the car name
and use data scrapping for specifications

Ashwin S

Hi @newbie2

Data Scraping works, please check again.

I have been using the data scrapping for the specifications, it doesn’t come out anything in the excel file. Do I indicate the element wrongly? Do you mind clarify further for me and also the steps? Thanks

It just can’t. I have been retrying since yesterday. I can’t figure out where is the mistake I have done. Do you mind share with me your workflow?

Hi @newbie2

Dont have work flow as such, opened empty process project and clicked on Data Scraping icon and clicked on the first cell, this asked if i want to extract data from table and mentioned okay.
Then I said no to next page, this gave me ExtractedDataTable, which you could use to create any type of CSV file.

When i check back the excel file, there’s nothing extracted.

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Keep open the URL in Internet Explorer and run my xaml (download by clicking) and see the message box that pops up with the data. Compare and see what went wrong previously.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


It works! Thank you so much. However, can you please show me an example of exporting the data to excel file?

In that xaml that I supplied just drag and drop another activity called write range (under workbook activities) and give a file path (if file exists it will write or it will create new file for you) and then give the ‘ExtractDataTable’ variable in the Data table input value.

Regards :slight_smile: Hope that is all please mark solution and close this topic, also take a look at for better understanding of activities and basics :slight_smile:

Hi @Raghavendraprasad

There’s another question, for the attach browser, when i run for the second element in my list (which i build an excel to let the robot choose the second element and run itself) the error stated “Cannot find the UI element corresponding to this selector”. What do i do for this error?

Can you elaborate a bit more, I am not sure I understand the issue :slight_smile:


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