PROD server throwing error for selector-Please help i need it now.. its critical

Hi All,

I need help on this

How to resolve this?
In QA its working fine only on the server.


Is the selector correct? Is it working when you manually validate it in UiExplorer?
Are you taking any screenshots when the robot errors out?

I think, currently you have run the bot remotely…so the error occur due to minimize window, you can resolved that error by running bot in pip mode.

@vishal_sonnor @nameless

In PROD in attended Mode it worked.
In unattended the screen gets closed, so we cant see, at this time its happening.

@Seema_S firstly trying to run the bot in pip mode.

give a try on simulate click to check if maybe a changed resolution or other disturbing element is blocking.

In case of REF is used refer also to the exception screenshots