Proctored Exam Rules / Process


I have a quick question around Proctored exams. Is access to study / reference materials and to online documentation allowed during the exam?

Apologies if the answer is obvious, but I can’t see any reference to it. I do see that the Pearson exam setup process does ask for photos of the room, however I’m not sure if that may be simply to ensure that there are no other people in the room.

It would be great if you could clarify the rules?

Thanks a lot.

You can get what you need to know from in terms of study materials. The reason you’re asked to show your room isn’t just to make sure no one else is in there, but to make sure there are no materials in the room with which you could easily cheat.

Thank you. Yes, I have done the study via the Academy. I can now see a reference in the Pearson terms and conditions around the exam being terminated if reference materials are identified in the room. That’s clear.

Some exams do allow access to notes, so I just wanted to check what your terms were.


Hi @damienh,

Indeed, no materials are allowed during the exam - both online or in a test center. :slight_smile: Best of luck with your exam!

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Thank you :slight_smile: It is booked for Friday …

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