ProcessSchedules POST API call is not working

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I’m trying to create ProcessSchedule by using API with Below json input. In fact I have tried all the possible option with json but no luck, everytime is failing with new error.
“Name”: “ApiTest”,
“ReleaseId”: ***,
“ReleaseName”: “Test_Release”,
“StartProcessCron”: “0 0 0 ? 1/5 SUN *”,
“StartProcessCronDetails”: “{“type”:4,“minutely”:{},“hourly”:{},“daily”:{},“weekly”:{“weekdays”:},“monthly”:{“weekdays”:[{“id”:“SUN”,“weekly”:“Sunday”,“monthly”:“Sunday”}],“atMinute”:0,“atHour”:0,“frequencyInMonths”:“5”},“advancedCronExpression”:”"}",
“StartStrategy”: 15,
“ExecutorRobots”: ,
“StopProcessExpression”: “”,
“StopStrategy”: null,
“TimeZoneId”: “GMT Standard Time”

Powershell Api Call:
Invoke-WebRequest -Uri “ - xxx sex videos free hd porn Resources and Information.” -Method POST -Body $json -Credential $credential -UseBasicParsing -verbose

Can anyone please look into this and share me the working code for this.

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Hey @chenna_reddy,

Can you please share the errors your are getting?