Processing Transaction Number starts with number 2

In workflow it is not giving any error,but my transaction number of the transaction item start with 2…means the first WI5 item in ACME its transaction number is two in my workflow output.



Could you please take screenshot of Get TransacionData workflow file and show me once.

Hi Laxman,
Yes sureimage

Kindly check with the variable Transaction_Number especially with its default value
whether it is 1 or 2
![image|690x330](upload://zVjHCWltwzj@Divya11 hRlsOfoT8PaWpmN.png)

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Hi Palaniyappan,
I hv checked Transaction number is 1image

Kindly mention the default value as 0 and try once
Cheers @Divya11

When i change transaction number default value to 0 then it is giving an error.

Do one thing @Divya11 check index and elements in that array tak one for loop and place two log message print item and index of that item. so that we can understand .

Hi KalyanDev,
Before doing that i just want to know one thing that dt_workitems in ExtractDataTable workflow should be of argument type datatable or Datarow().


datatable and if you are looping the dt_workitems then type argument is data row

I m not able to understand what i hv to do actually,

I m stuck in between not able to resolve the problem.

Hi @Divya11

Have the dt_workitems as a datatable. You will be passing dt_workitems to get transaction data state as a datatable. In get transaction data xaml, you takes out one row at a time using transaction number right? This you have done in the screenshot. So here what happens in from the datatable, you take out one row at a time. Which row you take depends on the number mentioned in transaction number variable. So because you take a data row out, you have to change the out_transactionItem argument to a data row type. Once that is done and saved, come back to the main workflow and change the transaction Item variable to a data row as well. Why do it because out_transactionItem sends the data and transaction item is the one that holds what it sends. So it should be the same data type in both.

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Hi Lahiru.Fernando,
out_Transactionitem is datarow type only.

Pls reply… What exactly I hv to do… Out_transaction item of datarow type n transaction item also in variable is of datarow type where I hv to do changes…

Regards n thanks,

Hi @Divya11

Sorry for my late reply. Was stuck st some urgent matters. Could you share your solution here so that I can have a look why its causing the problem?

Yes sure…thanks in advance for helping me…RoboticEnterpriseFramework4 (8).zip (523.0 KB)


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Hi @Divya11

I found few problems that you need to fix.

  1. In the init, under first run sequence, you have this workflow invoke activity to close the system1. You should not have the close activities here. All the close activities should be only in the ending part of the REFramework.

  2. Same set of tasks are also in InitiateAllApplications which is not right. You have to remove those activities as well. Or else, you have to remove activities under first run and put them under the initiate all applications.

  3. in Get Transaction Data state, after the invoke activity of the get transacction data, you really don’t need to increment the transaction number. The transaction number will automatically increment by 1 after successful completion of the Process state in Set Transaction Status xaml file. Having this may be causing your transaction number to not work as required.

Here in the first assign activity, you are getting the entire row to the out_transactionItem argument. however, in the second argument you are trying to assign only a value of a particular cell to the datarow argument which runs into errors.

Thank you…I hv fix that error nw Solution is working fine…but always getting failed in assignment 1 in evaluation.

Hi @Divya11

What does the evaluation say about the number of completed items and number of items available? Can i see a screenshot of that?