Processing RTD(realtimedata) using UiPath

Hi All,
Can someone please guide me how to process RTD (real time data) of excel (cell processing this formuale =RTD(“pi.rtdserver”, ,“script”, “Last”) through UiPath !! By processing I mean to read the continuous flow of data and take action when my defined level of data is reached. I really appreciate if some could teach me how to read RTD cells or point to the thread where i could learn and get it done

Many thanks for this awesome forum and sorry for my ignorance.

One solution i found but its not reliable. I can use monitor file activity and read the cell but then i need to save the excel continuously using a VBA since i need to monitor data for consecutive seconds which makes a lot of process to run.

Hi @JacobKumar

I believe you could try to simply attach UiPath execution to an open Excel file by using the Excel Application Scope. If the file is already open, it will simply latch to it and allow you to read your value with a simple Read Cell.

You could then encapsulate the Read Cell activity with a loop, or use Parallel activity to have it read continuously.

Hi @JacobKumar

Have to get the solution for this as I am facing the same issue.