Processing mail item using RE framework


I am new to UIPATH tool, i need to write a workflow where robot will read all the mails with a particular subject, followed by saving and processing the attachment.

I have written a outlook reading part in init, i am facing issue while reading each item from mail collection and iterating each mail from mailmessage collection through get transaction state.

Basically, my process includes

  1. reading mails from outlook in INIT state
  2. going through item in mail collection using get transaction
  3. get each item from get transaction state and process attachment in Process state

Could anyone please help me with this workflow

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–for to iterating the mail messages use for each activity with change properties Type Argument as .mail .mailmessages.
next, add the required information into queue
get transaction item from the queue and transfer that transaction item to the process.


@kalyanDev why queue when mail collection is a list?
Also as far as i know transaction item is of type data row that means we must have a datatable as a input.

Can u please clear my doubt here.


if you want to iterate the mail collection list you need to use for each row and
if see the re framework in get transaction data they will use get transaction item activity means they are getting one item from the queue and passing as a trisection item to the process xaml.

if mail are in mail collection list and yes transaction item is datarow
so irate mail collection list using for each activity

Maybe this could help: