Processing Invoice PDF

Hi Every one, I want to automate processing invoices. The main problem is i have multiple format and multiple title like (Amount, Total, Total Amount, Total Invoice etc) . All of these words mean the same but how do i handle this?
What about Pick branch activity? or how to create a config file and store all key word?

I will suggest u one method .
1). First of all create one xaml , in which if you got input string for example : "he is a nice boy "
2). And if you pass string begin = “he” and string end = “boy”
3) it should return string output as “is a nice” .

This xaml can be reuse at multiple places to recognize PDF format using PDF keywords .

Humm but if we don’t have the string “he” or the string “boy”. This won’t work. Like my invoices are in French, we can have “NET A PAYER” ou “TOTAL FACTURE”. These are different and your solution wouldn’t work in this case

I have just given the example . It can be anything, any value.
You read pdf, and passed your pdf as input string.
And if you pass string begin = “your keyword” and string end = “another keyword”
it should return string output as “any keyword” .
this “any keyword” u can use to identify pdf format.

I don’t really understand . You want to say if the PDF read begin “my_keyword”.?
But the keywords are not at the beginning or at the end, there are in the text and position can be various.

Can you give me more details and divide into stages?
Thanks you

Please Try to understand the context.
In your invoice ,some formatting will be there .
As you mentioned keywords like Amount, Total, Total Amount, Total Invoice .All these keywords will be coming between some two words.
So first and second word you pass and you will get Output as Total or Total Amount or Total Invoice.
Than you can proceed accordingly.

I am asking you to create one xaml , which
should be having three input arguments and one output argument .
argument1 - pdf data as string should be passed
argument2 - word before your keyword
argument3 - word after your keyword
Output - your keyword (like Amount or Total or Total Amount or Total Invoice

I understand the context but we don’t have the same word before and after the keyword. In different invoices we can have string totally different

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