Processing header and line data with REFramework for Tabular Data

I have an excel sheet which has multiple order headers and lines to be entered in an ERP system (see example attached). I would like to use the REFramework to process my transactions. What would be a good way to process these transactions since the order/lines are in a nested structure? Each transaction requires data from multiple lines in the table. Should I use a different object to store the transaction data rather than data table?


ExampleERPData.xlsx (17.3 KB)

Best thing to do is always think what are you defining as a single transaction. In this case it will be each collection of line items for each Header Number. So each transaction will essentially be its own datatable that you need to build from your master table.

This example outputs distinct tables into csv files for each Header Number by first filtering the master table for distinct values. It then uses these to identify which lines go into which files.

Each of these files should then be sent to the Process Transaction stage of the Framework with one transaction equal to one file.

I hope that makes sense.

Edit: I had to add a clear datatable to ensure the values where removed when it moved through each distinct header number (15.4 KB)

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