Processing Emails by RE Framework


I have to process Emails one by one using RE Framework.

How can this be done instead of using queue from orchestrator?


Without using queue, you don’t need to use ReFramework @krishbcd,

the best thing you can do is, reading the mails and using a for each loop to loop through all the mails and process inside the for each, thats it.

Can you please let me know why you are trying to use ReFramework here :slight_smile:?

I have to read mails, download to a folder, there from read each one then get the data and process in sap application.

I need to use RE framework where have to capture and handle the business exceptions. Finally, i have to use kibana for generating reports based on transaction item status.

If you are not willing to use queues, then remove all the transactions related activities and create the workflow process and then run it in the reframework which will be similar as running in new process.

And onething I would let you know is, if you are not using queues and transactions, then how can you generate kibana dashboards with the data?


As we are processing data from multiple excel files those keep receiving by email(s), I read and process each file using transaction number and then logging the transaction status based on the business rule along with few details from input file.

So, this information being logged using set transaction status will be used for dashboard preparation.

Hope I am clear.


Have u been able to do this? Since I am having a very similar problem?