Processes hard to automate with UiPath

Hello Developers!
I want to open discussion about capabilities of UiPath. I want to gather some information about processes, which are really hard to automatize with usage of UiPath.
Maybe some of you have some examples and have experienced tough issues? Or maybe you know in which tool automatization of problem was easier than in UiPath?

I’ll be very grateful for any answer!

In my experience following processes cannot be automated or difficult to automate

  1. Workflow is not standard
  2. Un formatted documents (e.g. invoice, free text mails) or file
  3. Too many manual intervention (e.g. approvals)
  4. Too many or unpredictable exceptions
  5. Screen resolutions, browsers, UI … are not standard

In case of Remote computing, PDF processing etc… people are struggling (refer the queries posted in the forum) and success ratio is not 100% due to various factors, not due to UiPath.