Processes are running much slower on VM

Hello all,

We are currently in the process of virtualization of our processes and moving to the Virtual Machine, but we have a problem with the execution speed. To give you an example, if we are reading some file by using Excel Application Scope, for process to finish working with data on physical machine it takes around 13 seconds, but on VM for the same file it takes around 2 minutes. On the other hand when we use workbook and read on the binary level it process the data in about 8 seconds on VM, so we think that it has something to do with the data processing on the application level. It is the similar situation with both Adobe and Outlook.
Has anyone had similar experience before on Virtual machine? Any hint would be appreciated.

Thank you!

Hi @Andrija_Pejcic

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It would seem like using the actual application might have a bit of an overhead in terms of performance.

Using the Excel example - the system workbook activities simply read the file from the harddrive and load the content to the memory. However, the Excel Application Scope actually opens the Excel application to be able to read the data.

This might be why you notice such differences in your process performance.