Process works fine on local UIpath Studio and Studio on robot machine, but not working when starting a job from Orchestrator


We have a process working fine on local UIpath Studio, robot local UIpath Studio and “UIpath Robot” on robot AWS, but it keeps throwing exception for activity “Get full text” (See attached) when I start the job from Orchestrator, it says “Activity timeout exceeded” and have an exception message (attached).

Please help! because this is giving us big trouble as we need to have someone dedicated to the watch and monitor the process during the day since this process cannot afford any mistakes and it takes hours to finish one run, we have 4 runs each day.



Please help, this is a production process which is very urgent… I contacted with UIpath Service Desk for help, but still was not able to fix it.


Can you try inserting a Take Screenshot at the problem spot. If the screen looks different like where it can’t see the text, it can cause some issues. From my experience, the resolution will be smaller so scrolling the page may be necessary.

Typically, I use Launch Workflow Interactive and it resolves many issues with running with Orchestrator. with 32 bit depth and 1920x1080

You could also try changing the resolution in the UiPath.settings file location in c:\ProgramData

I hope this is helpful.