Process Transfer from Main System (Community) to Virtual Machine(Enterprise)?

Can i transfer a Process which i built in My Own Machine ( which is Community version) to My Virtual machine ( which is Enterprise version)?

if it is Possible are there any issue I’m Gonna Face?

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Yes you can transfer it.

No issues. Please make sure all packages with their versions are available in Enterprise edition too. If not then you need to downgrade the package versions else some of the activities will be missed in Enterprise edition and it won’t work.


Let’s go one by one

Yes we can

Just publish that process to a custom folder location instead of publishing to orchestrator so that you can get the .nupkg file of that process
Which we can upload to enterprise orchestrator and run from orchestrator

If you want to just open the project in enterprise studio (the project which was built in community edition), it is just normal and way of approach

-Go to that project folder
-Convert that entire project to a compressed folder
-Copy that
-Go to your virtual environment
-Paste it and extract the files
-Open the main.xaml
-It will automatically does the dependencies check and install the one needed if any missing and opens the workflow in enterprise studio

And for this I would like to add this thread for further queries and answers especially when we are trying to migrate from community to enterprise

Cheers @Bhagyaraj_Digumarthi

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