Process Transaction under same document

Hi Everyone. Greetings of the day.
I am currently working on a process which has the below requirement.

I am taking data from excel file which contains TaskId and document numbers associated with it. For each taskId there will be multiple documents. and for each document there needs to be done some operation on Mainframe. After that transaction will be completed for each document under same taskid. I am attaching the excel screenshot for better vision. I am facing challenge in processing the transaction under same document as there are multiple same documents also.

Please help me in this process. Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Swetadurba

The way u can this is

First read the excel file and store in dt1

U the below assign activitiy

dt2= dt1.DefaultView.ToTable(True,“TaskID”)

Now use for each row to loop through the TaskID of each row in dt2

Inside it use filter datatable activity for filtering the dt1 with the TaskID

Now the output of filter datatable activity would be datatable which contains only given the given taskid details , u can store the output of filter datatable activity in dt3

Now u can loop through dt3 to loop through each row of dt3

Inside it u can use mainframe operation

Hope it helps you


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Thanks for your quick reply. I will try this out and let you know if this works.

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I tried with filter data table but i am not sure exactly how to filter it.

And also i have the requirement for below operations
I have to read the whole excel sheet . Every column data should be fetched and pasted in mainframe automation.

Then i have to check how many documents are there under same TaskId (as per attached screenshot) . Then have to again perform actions for the different documents under same taskId in mainframe.

Please suggest your idea on this. Thank you

Hi @Swetadurba sorry for late response.

Please look this workflow (70.7 KB)

I had added annotations in the workflow so that u can understand the logic well how to do it.

Nived N

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I understood the process what you have demonstrated in the workflow.
But one more logic here is according to the attached screenshot,

i have to loop through every row and column in the excel sheet , because each data is needed for mainframe, then for same doc under same taskId have to pick all column values like(broker name, invoice number, bus ref) etc.

Please suggest on this.


U can use row(column name).ToString


Thank you very much for your idea. i was able to perform actions for each document under same TaskId.

However few challenges are there in which i am facing difficulties. Below are the lists

  1. for each document under same id there are multiple transactions.
  2. some times the data are same some time different.
  3. in mainframe operation there should be entered the taskid once and total amount once but the once after entering the net amount again receipting needs to be done under same taskid without iterating the same document again.
    I have attached the Excel file with exact data for more clarification.
    Please help me in this scenario.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:
InputForm.xlsx (10.1 KB)

Hi @Swetadurba i am not cleared with ur third point ?

Can u explain in simple way?


So the point is-

  1. The same document number should be read once under one taskId. Then for the same document multiple operations would be there (as you can see in the attached excel file, there are different invoice number, different clients for one document. )
  2. Once all the operation are done for every invoice number under one doc then only it should move to second document under same taskId.

Please let me know if i was able to explain the scenario

I think u had to filter the datatable based in TaskID and then perform the operation

I think same had been depicted in the previous reply if I am not wrong

Filter part i have already done as you described in previous reply.
But the next scenario is, the same doc has multiple invoices so have to perform operations more than once for a same doc .
(Attached excel file has the clear data and demonstration)